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CompactFlash Transcend 133x TS32GCF133
CompactFlash Gigaram 133x
CompactFlash Sandisk Extreme 400x SDCFX
CompactFlash Sandisk Ultra 333x SDCFHS
CompactFlash Sandisk Ultra 200x SDCFH
CompactFlash Sandisk Standard Speed SDCFJ
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CompactFlash Gigaram Standard Speed
CompactFlash Industrial Transcend 200x TS16GCF200I
CompactFlash Industrial Transcend 170x TS16GCF170
CompactFlash Industrial Transcend 100x TS16GCF100I
CompactFlash Industrial Transcend 45x TS16GCF45
Secure Digital SD Card Flash Sandisk Standard Speed SDSDB SDSDJ
Secure Digital SD Card Flash Gigaram Standard Speed
Secure Digital SD Card Flash Transcend Class10 TS64GSDXC10
Secure Digital SDHC Flash Gigaram Class4
Secure Digital SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme Pro SDSDXPA
Secure Digital SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme Plus SDSDXS
Secure Digital SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme SDSDX
Secure Digital SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme SDSDXN
Secure Digital SDHC Flash Sandisk Ultra SDSDU
Secure Digital Industrial Flash Transcend TS16GSDHC10I
Transflash micro SD Flash Sandisk Standard Speed SDSDQ
Transflash micro SD Flash Gigaram Standard Speed
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Class 4 SDSDQAB
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Ultra 320x Class10 SDSDQUAN
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Class 4 SDSDQM
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme SDSDQXL
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Ultra SDSDQUA
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme Pro 633x SDSDQXP
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Sandisk Extreme Plus 533X SDSDQX
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Gigaram Class 4
Transflash micro SDHC Flash Gigaram Class 10
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Pendrive USB2.0 Sandisk Cruzer Blade SDCZ50
Pendrive USB2.0 Sandisk Cruzer Edge SDCZ51
Pendrive USB2.0 Sandisk Cruzer Glide SDCZ60
Pendrive USB2.0 Sandisk Cruzer Cruzer Force SDCZ71
Pendrive USB2.0 Kingston DTIG3
Pendrive USB2.0 Kingston DTIG4
Pendrive USB2.0 Ultralock Encrypted
Pendrive USB2.0 Titanium Encrypted
Pendrive USB2.0-3-in-1 Laser
Pendrive USB3.0 Swivel Gigaram
Pendrive USB3.0 Cap Gigaram
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MicroSD TransFlash Memory
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MicroSD TransFlash Memory
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MicroSD TransFlash Memory

The microSD format was originally called T-Flash, and then TransFlash, before being renamed microSD when adopted by the SD Card Association (SDA). At 15 mm x 11 mm x 1.0 mm it is currently the smallest memory card format available. It is about one quarter of the size of a standard SD card but can be inserted into an adapter which allows the card to be used in devices with an SD card slot. TransFlash and microSD cards are essentially the same, and each can be used in devices made for the other type. There is one exception, which is that unlike TransFlash, microSD devices have the capability to support NFC (Near Field Communication).

These are all the same:
1. TransFlash
2. TF
3. T-Flash
4. MicroSD
5. MicroSDHC

For a complete list of devices that use this memory : Click Here

TransFlash (Micro SD) Memory Card 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB

2GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
2GB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlash MSD (w/o Adapter) (p/n SDSDQ-2048)SanDisk2GB2GB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlash MSD (w/o Adapter) (p/n SDSDQ-2048), more SDSDQ-2048_024111$5.98
2GB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlashGigaram2GB2GB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlash (p/n TF-2GB), more TF-2GB_032455$5.98
1GBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
1GB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlashSanDisk1GB1GB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlash (p/n SDSDQ-1024), more SDSDQ-1024_000470$4.98
1GB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlashGigaram1GB1GB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlash (p/n TF-1GB), more TF-1GB_BSX$4.98
512MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
512MB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlashGigaram512MB512MB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlash (p/n TF-512MB), more TF-512MB_BSW$4.88
512MB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlashSanDisk512MB512MB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlash (p/n SDSDQ-512), more SDSDQ-512_014576$4.98
256MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
256MB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlashSanDisk256MB256MB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlash (p/n SDSDQ-256), more SDSDQ-256_017216$4.98
256MB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlashGigaram256MB256MB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlash (p/n TF-256MB), more TF-256MB_BSV$4.78
128MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
128MB SanDisk 66x MicroSD TransFlashSanDisk128MB128MB SanDisk 66x MicroSD TransFlash (p/n SDSDQ-128), more SDSDQ-128_023396$4.98
128MB Gigaram TransFlash MicroSDTwinMos128MB128MB Gigaram TransFlash MicroSD (p/n TF-128), more TF-128_017747$4.58
64MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
64MB Sandisk MicroSD TransFlashGigaram64MB64MB Sandisk MicroSD TransFlash (p/n SDSDQ-64MB), more SDSDQ-64MB_CQP$4.48
32MBTop of Page
BrandSizeDescriptionPart #Price
32MB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlashSandisk32MB32MB SanDisk MicroSD TransFlash (p/n SDSDQ-32MB), more SDSDQ-32MB_016930$4.98
32MB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlashGigaram32MB32MB Gigaram MicroSD TransFlash (p/n TF-32MB), more TF-32MB_CQO$4.28

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